Closing In On The Appstore

Last week's 3 main achievements:

  1. I added buttons for an About page and for gathering user feedback. Also, we improved many aspects of the chapter list.
  2. The release draws nearer, so we took account of what's left to do and I already jumped through a few hoops of Apple's release process.
  3. I quit my job to have more time for projects like this, registered a business and started building a website for it.

Feedback Loop

On the episode list screen, we now display an email for user feedback as well as a button that opens an About page. The call to action for the academy had to be simplified:

Closing the feedback loop beyond just App Store ratings is extremely important. That's why the call to give feedback is so prominent in the app.


The app now loads chapter information from a server, so we can extend that data without requiring users to update the app.

We also added chapters to more episodes, streamlined the process of adding chapters and upgraded their quality. Big thanks to Woon who creates high quality data for this feature!


As (almost) always, here's a current snaphot of the project's Trello board:


So I just fucking jumped out of the plane :) And I've never been so motivated, confident and excited about a decision.

I quit my job, registered Flowtoolz as a company and started building a responsive umbrella website around this blog.

Over the next months, Flowtoolz will grow into a business. And with that, this blog will broaden its scope and include topics beyond the London Real App. Watch the space.