Got a Great Business or Idea?

I don't Just Build Apps

I also understand your goal, help you work out a strategy and then build exactly the app that lets you implement your vision.
You already have an app but the code base is in a rut? Let's analyze it, improve the architecture and get up to speed again!
You wish to sustain high productivity long-term? I love to teach about software qualities, -architecture and -design principles.



I'm helping the team at the Costa Digital Unit rebuild the MyAIDA app for iOS. The app lets guests of AIDA Cruises see what's going on on their cruise ship, book events, chat with each other and more.


A fitness tracking iOS app that I wrote for Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG as a freelancer at JLS Digital AG. It rewards running, swimming and cycling and supports AppleHealth, Garmin and Fitbit.

Allianz oneMobile

I helped the team at Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE create a platform with which worldwide organizational units of Allianz SE build, test and deliver native and cross-platform apps.

London Real TV

I created the Londonreal TV app for Apple's tvOS, from concept to release. You can watch the latest full London Real episodes for free and explore episodes through a table of contents.


I helped the team at HolidayCheck AG build the HolidayCheck iOS app. The app lets you find and book your next vacation as well as upload and rate photos and videos.


I helped the team at Formigas build the CleverLotto app for iOS. The app lets lottery players buy and manage tickets for different german lotteries. Check it out in the AppStore.


A social video app that I developed for Socialbit GmbH. It lets you send video messages, record voiceovers and do basic editing like selecting background music from your iTunes library.


I'm an experienced, principled and opinionated software craftsman who believes there sometimes is a right and a wrong way to do things.

Agile is not a marketing buzzword to me. I carry the ideas of the agile manifesto in my heart. All my work rests on the following principles:

Professional Network

Rather than being a detached employee, I'm an invested partner, proactive, self-reliant, independent and creative.

I don't know everything, but I know people for everything, from various networks and professional backgrounds. I'll find the most suited experts for your project, even if it means referring you to someone else.

Domain-Driven Design

I immerse myselve into your application domain and model it together with you because a common domain language makes for excellent software and excellent partnerships.

My domain-driven approach entails that I'm not attached to any technologies but apply the ones that best serve your goal.


I sustain development speed even in late stages of complex projects because I apply test-driven development and produce clean code and architecture.

Since clean architecture yields highly reusable code, I'm constantly growing a code library that powers development across different projects.

Rapid Iteration

Delivering in rapid iterations allows me to scale the product with the invested resources and to react quickly to new information.

With each iteration, I deliver a viable product by implementing the feature that offers the greatest return on investment.

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