Goodbye – Hello!

Goodbye – Hello!. Apple, Xcode, Swift, iOS, macOS, SwiftUI, app, software architecture, codeface, code

With my new app Codeface, I wanna make software development more fun and productive!

Software architecture is typically implicit in thousands of lines of code and invisible – even to the people working on that code. Codeface can reveal that architecture to everyone, anchoring any reasoning or discussion about code in how that code is actually shaped at that moment.

Codeface visualizes the architecture of a codebase, so users can explore its every scope at every level via interactive diagrams and directly see its quality indicated via meaningful metrics.

Because Codeface leverages the Language Server Protocol, it can inspect code of virtually every language. I open-sourced all of the infrastructure, most notably SwiftNodes, LSPService and SwiftLSP.

If you’re interested in collaborating on this in any form, feel free to write at

The “old” site here at will morph into a more personal one. Much of the content will re-appear refreshed at or move there or vanish completely. This old blog stays but won’t see updates any time soon. I’ll publish potential new articles exclusively on the new site. See you there!