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They say it's about the journey. And what a journey that was. With this post, I just keep the rhythm of this blog by reflecting on my London trip. Not much happened with the app except communication, some fixes and refactorings.

Last week's 3 main achievements:

  1. Going to London, attending the LRA Focus Group, meeting Gabriele my accountability buddy in person.
  2. Talking to Brian about the App and brainstorming with Dre and Gabriele.
  3. Checking into a spook house, organizing a new flight back to Zurich after missing the original one and then surviving a devestating migraine/nervous breakdown which culminated in sync with the boarding process.

2 Shades of London

The check in was even spookier:

Then, working in a Coffice, I remembered why I once fell in love with London. Frequently, I found myself in the middle of a startup meeting:

Android is that underground thing...

... while the Apple Store is the only London sight I had to visit:

However, this gentleman argued you should destroy something in order to retain focus and inspiration. He made a good point:

Now what about the App?

Emails and live brain storming revolved around meta data for episodes, in particular around transcripts, chapters and tags.

One important take away: We'll create full transcripts through a hybrid approach of combining manual work and algorithms. We'll start with the latest episodes and go back from there.

What we need are actually subtitles: transcripts with precise timing information. Not an easy task. But when it's done, we can deliver crazy powerful searching and browsing features to the user.

Other than that, there was a lot of dreaming going on ;) Big ideas in spite of a small budget. Ambitious and creative. Love it.

The trip got me thinking. I wanna invest more time in this app and the things I love. I need to quit my job and do what I wanted to do since forever. What I'm meant to do. I need a way out. So I'll find one.