The Prototype Evolves

The 3 main achievements of last week:

  1. The prototype provides infos and description for each episode and allows to enter and leave full screen mode even while playing.
  2. The prototype now loads all its content from Vimeo and complements the video infos with statistics from Youtube.
  3. The prototype has a fully customized design, including custom focus animations for views and table view cells.


The topshelf with high resolution images from Vimeo:

Episode List

We load HD videos from Vimeo and present them in London Real style. The view counts are accumulated from Vimeo and Youtube:

Episode Infos

Selecting an episode opens the info page with the video in focus. Likes and dislikes are from Youtube.

Selecting the video brings it to the full screen:

Here's the episode info page with the description in focus. All focus changes are animated:

We can also bring the description to full screen. Just ignore the layout for now:

Here on the right, we might show the table of contents to let the user jump to specific topics within the episode:


A lot has happened since I introduced the prototype. Here is another snaphot of the project's Trello board:

Btw: Backlog is a brain dump of potential future tasks. Workbench contains tasks I'm currently working on. Both these lists are roughly prioritised. I add completed tasks to the top of the Review list.